What better way to wrap up your lunch or dinner than to help yourself to an equally appetizing dessert? For some, dessert means a generous dollop of ice cream or a slice of cake. In Mexican restaurants, however, you can also find heavenly plates of Mexican flan and chimichangas that are absolutely divine.

Mexican Flan

Derived from the Old French word “flaon” (which, in turn, came from the Latin “flado”) or a “flat cake”, flan is perhaps among the oldest existing desserts, with roots dating as far back as to the Roman Empire. Back then, flan was made to use up all their extra milk and eggs. It gained popularity all over Europe and came to America with Columbus. Mexicans, on the other hand, had a taste of this dish when Spain invaded their country during the 1500s. Until today, you can help yourself to a serving of Mexican flan from a Mexican restaurant in Visalia, CA.

What’s not to love about the Mexican flan, with its creamy and succulent custard dabbed with caramel sauce? Making the traditional Mexican flan only needs a few ingredients, namely eggs, condensed and evaporated milk, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Often, flan is made in individual serving dishes, so you can enjoy the milky and creamy goodness of this dish on your own. If you’re feeling more generous, flan can also be made for a group.


No one really knows how exactly Chimichangas came to be. One popular story, however, says that an owner of a Mexican restaurant in Arizona dropped a pastry into hot oil and exclaimed “chimichanga” instead of a strong Spanish curse word. Food experts, meanwhile, consider the term the Mexican version of “thingamajig” or “whatchamacallit”.

Chimichangas are often made of chicken or minced beef, potatoes, beans, cheese, and carne adobada filled on a flour tortilla. These are then deep-fried and served with sour cream, guacamole, cheese, or salsa. Some Mexican restaurants, however, serve apple chimichangas, like Alejandra’s Restaurant. These types of chimichangas are made very much like how the usual ones are done, except the fillings are made of apple cubes and are served with cinnamon, powdered sugar, and whipped cream on top.

After feasting on Mexican food, ending your meal with these succulent Mexican desserts are an absolute must. Fill your mouth with the creamy flan or sink your teeth in the crunchy yet sweet apple chimichanga. Your sweet tooth cravings will definitely be fulfilled by these two heavenly Mexican treats that you can get only from authentic Mexican restaurants.


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