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Snacking on These Mexican Food Can Actually Help You Stay in Shape

In a survey conducted last year by healthy food website Eat This, Not That!, they found that three of the ten fattiest foods in chain restaurants were actually from Mexican restaurants. This spells bad news for most people watching their weight, and may even be enough to make a Mexican food enthusiast exclaim, “Dios Mio!”

Don’t fret, though, for when you choose any of these following dishes from an authentic Mexican restaurant in Visalia, CA, you can enjoy the rich flavors of Mexico without the guilt of adding pounds to your body. Do away with your usual Mexican fast food choices and go for these healthier options instead.

Chicken Fajitas

Enjoy one of the trademark Mexican cuisines without worry, especially if it has heaps of onions and peppers. Skip the sour cream and cheese, and you can save yourself from additional 300 calories and 15 grams of fat. Cut more of your calorie intake and ask for just one tortilla.


Most people believe that guacamole is a big no-no, since avocados are rich in fat. Yes, avocados are rich in fat, but it has the good kind of fat that helps lower cholesterol level and boost your heart health. Make your guacamole even healthier and tastier by opting for jicama or carrot sticks instead of those tortilla chips. It serves as a good replacement for other kinds of dips, too, especially if you’re missing the taste of cheese and sour cream.

Tortilla Soup

If Americans have the chicken soup, Mexicans have the tortilla soup, made of their country’s staple ingredients like cilantro, cumin, onion, jalapeno pepper, and oregano. When you skip the tortilla chip garnish, you can have yourself a delicious dinner filling enough to make you stay away from a bag of chips.

Bean Burrito

Not all burritos are bad, especially if these are made of beans. Burritos made of whole beans are an added plus, since these not only make you feel full, but contain fiber that can lower cholesterol in your body, too. Stay away from the re-fried variant, though, because this would have already accumulated extra oil the second time around.

Fish Tacos

Just like burritos, some tacos, like fish tacos, are actually better for your health. Add a dash of salsa, a little cabbage, and a dab of guacamole, and you now have a healthy and fantastic meal.

Eating Mexican food shouldn’t be the cause of your added pounds, especially if you go for these healthier yet equally sublime dishes instead. Have a taste of all these dishes from authentic Mexican restaurants like Alejandra’s Restaurant.

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