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Sweet Tooth: Mexican Restaurants Share the Origin of Mexican Chocolate

What best way to satisfy your sweet tooth than a generous serving of chocolate? Everyone knows that Mexican cuisines are excellent choices to serve at dinner parties, bachelor parties and more celebrations. The dishes are made with lots of color and the richness of vitamins and minerals.

The staple ingredients used in most Mexican recipes are corn, chili, beans, avocados and tomatoes. These ingredients mixed with authentic spices help make Mexican food so mouthwatering and delicious. Mexican dishes are known for these distinct qualities, but wait until you get a taste of Mexican chocolate.

History of Mexican Chocolate

Mexico is also recognized for bringing chocolate to the world. The cocoa tree is known to have originated in Mesoamerica. Dating back to 1900 BC, the cocoa beans were produced to make beverages.

They were also used as currency and given as offerings during religious ceremonies. The traditional Mexican chocolate had more of a sour taste than the modern flavors of sweet chocolate. The chocolate drinks were very strong, frothy liquids mixed with various spices.

By the 16th century, the cocoa beans were introduced to the Europeans who added sugar to the chocolate drinks. By the 20th century, chocolate became a staple food in Europe and around the world.

Rich Mexican Chocolate

Today’s Mexican chocolate recipes continue to have the rich and authentic flavors as the traditional frothy drinks. Modern chocolate is now prepared with an assortment of spices to enhance the sugary tastes. You can find Mexican chocolate in a variety of powder and syrup forms, or visit a Mexican restaurant that serves desserts made with the richness of Mexican cocoa beans.


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