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Tacos Gobernador(Shrimp Tacos)

Tacos Gobernador directly translates to the Governor’s tacos!

Well, if these shrimp tacos are good enough for the Governor, then they are certainly good enough for Us!  All I know is that we all love tacos especially if they are prepared with homemade tortillas!

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Just in Case You didn't know, Tacos Gobernador was named after a governor in Sinaloa, Mexico. He stated that the taco with Pacific shrimp, melted cheese, tomatoes peppers and onions was good politics! This information is straight from Tacos in L.A.: Tacopedia. A Complete Taco Encylopedia of L.A. http://www.lamag.com/tacopedia-a-complete-taco-encyclopedia-of-l-a/

Two good recipes for them are here:


and here: https://pinaenlacocina.com/2018/07/03/tacos-gobernadorshrimp-tacos/

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